Friday, October 30, 2009

si tu te vassssss....

oleh sebab jiran-jiran bolognese aku kemaruk karaoke... aku pun nak karaoke jugakkk....
memandangkan abe gapo bakal meninggalkan aku dan anak-anak ahad ni.... aku dediket lagu chenta 2 benua hadiah abe gapo pada aku dedulu-dulu untuk aku mengenang kembali saat-saat manis 2 insan berchentaaaa.... !!

jangan jelllllessssss......

ni translate kasik korang histeriaaa...

If you Leave
If you leave
You take my heart
And without you
I don't know where I'll go

If you leave
I'll never be able
to forget you
I'll stay here
Thinking only of you

If you leave
The pain will consume me
Another day
I won't be able to
live without you

My tears make an ocean
To swim without rest
Waiting for your arrival
And I am imagining the end
And it scares me to think
That any day it will come
if you leave

If you leave
All my courage will leave me
And I know I'll
never find another

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